Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Crazy on the Outside

I saw this film with my father, and for once we completely agreed on how good a film was. Every single person in the cast was perfect in their roles. Tim Allen has always been hit or miss for me, but in this instance he was excellent playing the loveable, well intentioned but often in trouble protagonist. Allen's Tommy has just gotten out of prison and begins to deal with life outside of the prison. Helping him is his sister, Vicky. Sigourney Weaver proved that turning 60 will not affect her ability to put amazing performances in as she plays the sister as well as is possible, simultaneously making us laugh and cringe at her antics.

The supporting cast is filled with excellent performances as well. JK Simmons nearly steals the show as Vicky's amorous husband and Julie Bowen impressed me playing Tommy's girlfriend that nearly has multiple personalities. Ray Liotta and Jeanne Tripplehorn characters don't offer much in terms of comedy, but both actors use the roles to inject a small dose of reality into the film.

All in all, this flick is well worth the time it takes to watch. It doesn't really demand to be seen in the theater, but it definitely should be picked up as soon as it comes out on DVD.

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